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About MedAI

Weekly Exchange Sessions

We will be having weekly sessions (Thursdays, 1-2pm PT, starting April 1st, 2021) where invited speakers will present their work or a journal club paper followed by an interactive discussion and Q&A among all participants. Sessions will be recorded or livestreamed based on presenters’ consent and the recordings will be available for viewership later.


The talks will be held every week from 1pm-2pm PT on Thursdays.


Check out our Upcoming Talks page to get more information about the scheduled talks. We have an exciting line up of speakers.

Upcoming Talks

Video Info

Please email one of the organizers to get the Zoom information. Recorded sessions will be posted on our YouTube channel or livestreamed directly (links will be posted in our Upcoming Talks page.


Mailing List and Social Media

If you’d like to receive notifications and occasional reminders about upcoming talks, you can subscribe to our mailing list directly at or click the button below.

We also maintain an active Twitter account and a LinkedIn profile for MedAI. Feel free to follow us on these platforms for interesting content, notifications and updates.

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You can nominate a speaker that you’d like to hear from - we’ll invite them to our forum. If you’d like to present your work or lead a discussion, you can nominate yourself instead. You can also nominate interesting and relevant papers for discussion in the MedAI exchange sessions. Visit our Nominate page to add in your nominations.



You can contact us with any enquiries or questions.


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